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Put A Ring On It (Cinderella) _ Saint Ho


(so funny, a bio in third person)

Made in Italy, living in Norway. Valentina is born in Tuscany but her studies and jobs brought her everywhere in Europe: London, Santiago, Lisbon, St. Andrews, Amsterdam, Barcelona and finally Oslo. She considers the Norwegian capital her new home, but she remains an Italian at heart, with a bubbly personality and the strong conviction that whatever you're cooking, she'll do it better. She loves mornings, useless decorative objects, flea markets and sparkling water, but also dinosaurs, underestimated animals, the colour beige, coffee, traveling and… her job! 

From 2009 she worked as project manager and event planner in different organisations, as well as teacher and content creator. In 2016 while planning her wedding in the Tuscan countryside she realised weddings are not an easy task, especially when you have to deal with bureaucracy, tropical summers, unpredictable florists and eccentric menus. In 2017, on one of the hottest days of the last 50 years, she married Pepo. Maybe it was a heatstroke or a sudden enlightenment, she decided to found LaLindi, only to realise 20min later she should have done it way before.

Always searching for inspiration, be it the perfect hidden spot in the Italian countryside or a new trend, she believes it’s possible to create beauty everywhere and that simple things are the ones will surprise us the most. Valentina speaks English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and also Norwegian even if she is too shy to speak it and she never get the proposisjoner right. Her planning skills, eye for details and ability to put together different pieces to create a beautiful harmony, make her the perfect choice for any celebration big or small.

In Valentina’s hands, you can be sure that what may have started simply as a pleasant evening with your friends, co-workers or loved ones, will definitively turn into the most memorable night you can possibly imagine!


Little Valentina planning

her fifth birthday party

Valentina Lindi

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