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Bespoke weddings

In my opinion the key to a successful wedding is that the spirit of the couple is reflected in their wedding day: no couple is alike, no wedding can be either. I will follow your idea of “dream wedding” suggesting you accordingly to my experience, the style you want to give to the event, the specific needs of your guests and, of course, your budget.

All my weddings are tailor made.  There are no 'wedding packages' or agreements with specific vendors to gain a commission. This choice is to ensure that every service for your wedding will have no marked up price, guaranteeing you more transparency and freedom. I am your consultant to help you spending your budget as you like on what would really transform your wedding day in an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.


Your Budget 

LaLindi works following your budget. I keep a step by step approach that helps keep us on track with the costs without any "unpleasant surprises" at the end. Whether you have a clear idea of how your wedding should look like or you don’t know where to start and you would like for me to create a completely new design with fresh ideas, LaLindi’s goal is to create a perfect celebration with a WOW effect!

Love, Fun and a touch of Magic...

...These are the ingredients for an unforgettable celebration. Count on me to make your day as you imagine.

I always, always, always work for your wedding with the same attitude as if it were mine.

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