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Every wedding is a unique experience. LaLindi offers a different and unique range of wedding services. From organising the entire event to helping with just a few details. You can choose one of our services, our work suits every couple.... or just rely on my expertise in arranging any small detail you wish me to step in for, during the organisation of the best day of your life.

I will make sure your wedding is just as you imagined. Whether you like the idea of ​​a beach, a vineyard, an ancient town hall or a classy villa, we arrange all types of weddings.

Whether your wedding is in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Norway or in another part of the planet, I can work with you in a number of different ways to suit your needs.


One foot in Oslo where I am based, the other in Tuscany where I was born. 
Italy, Spain, Norway are the main destinations of my weddings, but there are no limits where I can be. I hosted weddings in Portugal too and I am looking forward to discover new destinations with you. 

Over the years I have discovered a large range of fabulous venues and I have now established an extensive network of local suppliers that can work along with me to cover every single aspect of your celebration.




Would you like to see more of my work and the venues I work with? Follow me on INSTAGRAM.

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