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Writing about myself in third person


Valentina was born in Tuscany on a hot August day. She was raised in Italy, splitting her time between Viareggio and Milan where she was surrounded by art, culture, and fashion.

Although she considered her homeland to be the most beautiful country in the world, Valentina felt the urge to explore the world from a young age and set out on her first adventure alone at the age of 16. It was then that she discovered her passion for travel, experiencing new cultures, and meeting new people.

After completing a Bachelor's degree in Humanities and Arts, she left Italy to study and work in various European cities, including London, Barcelona, St. Andrews, Santiago, Amsterdam, and Lisbon. In 2012, she earned a Master's degree in European Studies and began working for international organizations.

Valentina is known for exploring a variety of hobbies, including a Sanskrit course, circus school, flamenco, Portuguese medieval poetry lessons and trying to learn various instruments without any success (accordion, piano, guitar, Celtic harp).


In 2017, on one of the hottest days of the year, Valentina married Jose. Maybe it was a heatstroke or a sudden enlightenment, but she decided shortly after founded LaLindi. In 2021, she transformed this hobby into a full-time career, realizing only one hour later that she should have done it long ago. 

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The name "LaLindi" has no deep meaning, is derived from the article "La" and Valentina's last name, "Lindi".

LaLindi is currently a sought-after event planning and styling company based in Italy and Norway. Valentina now resides in Oslo with her family, numerous plants, and stuffed animals. Despite her diverse array of hobbies, she still has not mastered any musical instruments.


In Valentina’s hands, you can be sure that what may have started simply as a pleasant evening with your friends, co-workers or loved ones, will definitively turn into the most memorable night you can possibly imagine!




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