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What is the cost of a wedding in Italy?

Picture: Andrea Tappo

This is the question of all questions, the one that everyone ask to their planner when it comes to organizing a wedding in Italy.

Let’s start saying that there is no unique way to answer to that, as there are many different types of Italian weddings, but I can start guiding you towards what are the most important elements to consider setting your budget.

These are the 6 factors that will play a role and influence your budget:


Let’s be honest, organizing an intimate dinner for 30 people is quite different than a 150 people party! How many friends or family members attend the wedding will impact the cost of the day. I am not only talking about the price of the food and alcohol, but also decorations: flowers and lights for 20 is different than for 60!


The various areas of Italy have differences in style, atmosphere, and costs. Some regions, Tuscany is a good example, offer good communication and huge number of venues and suppliers to choose from. What does it mean? More offers better prices!

Picture: Kristine Hellemo

In other less explored areas, like Emilia Romagna or Piemonte, you will also find better prices because they are considered “less fancy” (at least now, so hurry up if you want to save some money!). The Lakes and Amalfi coast are the most expensive area: they are much stricter in their wedding style, they have set suppliers and costs, generally making your experience more costly (and less original!).

If you are dreaming a wedding on the coast always think that dining by the sea is generally much more expensive than in the countryside, and plan B in case of bad weather is also more pricey to realize.


No doubts this is the most important decision of YOUR ENTIRE LIFE… just joking :P

But is a very important decision for your wedding day: it will be the first decision you take and the location will also set the style you want to give to the event.

Villa, farmhouse, castles, hotels… different styles and different prices!

So, what you should consider?

If you choose a venue with accommodation, you can recover the cost by charging the guests a price for their stay (generally guests pay for their own accommodation during destination weddings). In this case you will not have any venue-fee.

If the venue has an internal restaurant that you can use for the wedding reception will also help you to cut some cost (in some cases the wedding dinner can start from 80 euro per person). Catering in general are much more expensive, from 120euro pp is a normal starting price plus all the setting up cost.

Some venues ask you to choose specific suppliers (catering, florist, and music technician that have an agreement with the location) in most of the cases this means higher prices!


Frankly, what you want from your Italian wedding is creating an unforgettable experience for you and your guests! How could you do it?

Decoration and music play a huge role creating the vibe for your day.

Picture: Serafin Castillo

A simple table decoration comes with its costs. Flowers don’t come alone, you must consider the manpower, setting up, transportations, also think about decorations like candles, vases... then add some lights, a nice ceremony setting and you easily achieve 5000 euro! Of course, this will depend on the number of guests and where you get married, so I always say that for small weddings you should consider 3000 euro and from 5000 euro up for a bigger party.

Is music important for you? If the answer is yes, this is a cost you shouldn’t underestimate. If your party has over 50 guests, I strongly recommend hiring a dj or a band if you prefer live music, but the starting price for a band will be around 2500 euro. For smaller party you can for sure rely on a nice playlist!


Most of the people are looking for a 3-days experiences… and I love it!! A welcome dinner the day before, a brunch to say goodbye, a pool party or an interesting activity ! This is a great way to make your guests know each other and to make your wedding not just a simple event, but a real adventure where you and your people create fantastic memories.

Picture: Petite de la Creme

However, even if you are in Italy you don’t have to think that a random guy who will come and make some pizzas for you! A small low-key event has its cost and lately, unfortunately, prices for a pizza party are raising :(

Always consider at least 30 euro per person for simple food and some drinks! If you want this to take place at the venue, check which possibilities they have and if they have some fee to host it!


A good photographer is a must for a wedding day!

Many time I heard people telling me that they will ask a friend to take pictures of the day… but it’s not the same!!

A photographer is there from the morning of the wedding, capturing all the memories from the preparations to the party, the hug with your best friends before going to the ceremony, when your sister will adjust your wedding dress, your friends enjoying the pool in the morning.

A professional photographer has years of experience capturing weddings, they will know the shots to take, where to be at that right time. And when the wedding is over you will have beautiful memories to look every time you want.

Picture: Petite de la Creme

Your wedding day will go by very quickly and, unfortunately, you won’t be able to see everything. For example, you won’t be able to watch your bridesmaids walk down the aisle. You won’t see your friends and family crying when you say, "I do", you might not see your parents dancing. For all of that there is a videographer, they can capture all these moments on film and allow you to watch them (again and again!) as though you were there and see even more moments than you were able to on your wedding day. Having a videographer present will give you a fuller picture of your event—and that's priceless!

It will be the story of your wedding from start to finish. While photos provide still images of a moment in time, wedding videography captures both movement and sound. You’ll be able to hear your friends laughing and your dad’s toast live again the first kiss and newlyweds!

Besides you don’t have to think only of a long video, now a days videographers create short clips for you to share on social media and they can upload the video in different platform for you to look and share with your friends and family!

Do you have any questions about the price of your wedding in Italy? Do not hesitate to contact me!

Until next time!



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